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Utahns sift through damage, debris after weekend snowstorm

Church group helps family with fallen tree
Posted at 6:25 PM, Mar 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-06 23:22:10-05

KEARNS, Utah — A weekend snowstorm brought heavy snow, slick roads and even some damage for some Utahns.

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Amy Jo Talbot has lived in Kearns for the past 12 years.

She says at around 9:00 Saturday night, as the snow was falling, she and her family heard some loud noises outside.

"If you hear a boom, you've got to see it," said Talbot. "One that hit the house hit, and then we all came out here and noticed it hit the van, and yeah, smacked the ground."

Talbot says several branches came down from the trees in her yard, some of which landed on top of her van.

"Big, huge, looked like a big ol' Christmas tree fell," she said

Other branches and debris covered almost her entire front yard.

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For Talbot, her main concern was what kind of shape her van was in.

"The driver's side rear view mirror is gone," she said. "There are probably going to be some scratches. Luckily, there's no windows broken."

Later Sunday morning, Talbot received a little bit of help cleaning up her yard and getting the tree branches off her van.

About 10 people, of all ages, from the Kearns 13th Ward showed up with a truck, chainsaws and plenty of muscle to help pick the mess.

"Sometimes we're on the other end and people are serving us, and today it's good to help others," said David Tongolei of the Kearns 13th Ward.

Tongolei says they plan to take all the branches and debris to the dump on Monday.

As for Talbot, after the rest of the tree was removed from her van, she did notice there was a little bit of damage. However, she is remaining positive.

"Could have been worse, definitely could have been worse," she said.

Talbot tells FOX 13 News she is hoping insurance will cover some of the damages to her van.