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Utahns with Mega Millions dreams need to run for the border

Posted at 12:45 PM, Jul 25, 2022

SALT LAKE CITY — With the jackpot now at $810 million, any Utahn dreaming of cashing in a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket must first head to the border to get their hands on one.

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The projected jackpot for Tuesday's drawing is expected to be the multi-state lottery's third-highest ever, but those in Utah can only watch unless they drive a little ways to take part in the fun.

Utah is one of only five states that don't participate in Mega Millions; the others being Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii and Nevada. But that doesn't mean the potential golden ticket is too far away.

Nearby Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona offer retail locations selling tickets just miles, sometimes yards, across the border from Utah.

Salt Lake City residents only need to hop in the car and drive a little less than two hours north to reach Franklin, Idaho to buy a ticket, or take Interstate 80 about 90 minutes east and lay your money down in Evanston, Wyoming.

Residents in east Utah can head over the border to multiple locations like Dove Creek, Dinosaur and Rangely in Colorado. While people living in southwest Utah, like St. George, can get to a lottery ticket location in Littlefield, Arizona in just a half hour.

Who knows, after putting some extra miles on the car to buy a ticket, one or more lucky Utahns can end up a winner.