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Water sport rental company feeling effects of low water levels at Pineview Reservoir

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jul 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-21 19:46:33-04

HUNSTVILLE, Utah — Pineview Reservoir is often filled with locals and tourist in the summertime enjoying the water. This summer is no different, except there is less water to enjoy. The low water level is hurting business, the manager of Club Rec said.

Club Rec offers a variety of water sport rentals from kayaks and paddleboards to boats and jet skis. However, this summer business is down about 30 percent, Paul Avner said.

“It has certainly taken a toll financially. And I think its industry wide in Utah with the water levels being low, I think every rental company is feeling that hurt,” he said.

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The low levels are creating a lot of misconceptions, Avner said.

“Every time people call us to make a reservation, they are asking us if the lake is going to be open,” he said.

The low water levels didn’t bother, Danyelle Hinton, who rented a boat Wednesday with her family.

“Just cruising in a boat is nice, just nice and relaxing to throw your fishing pole out and hang out in the middle of the lake,” she said.

A lot of people believe Pineview reservoir is closed, or at least closed to boating because of the water levels, Avner said. That misconception is hurting business, he said.

“There is plenty of water to do the activities,” Avner said.

The water levels are quickly shrinking. As of July 1, Pineview Reservoir was at 55 percent capacity, compared to 92 percent capacity it was last year which was slightly above the average of 89 percent for this time of the year, according to Utah Division of Natural Resources (DNR).

“This year the water is dropping so fast,” Avner said.

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It is concerning to see how low the water has gotten, Avner said. He is especially concerned for the farmers and drinking water.

“It freaks me out as far as we need water. That’s what it boils down to,” he said.

Club Rec also has a location at Willard State Park. Business is hurting even more at that location, Avner said.

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