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Wildlife officials, police responding to cougar sightings in Bountiful park

Posted at 3:29 PM, Aug 14, 2020

BOUNTIFUL, Utah — Police are warning Bountiful residents of multiple cougar sightings on Friday at a local park.

Bountiful Police said they have received multiple reports of a cougar at Creekside Park, located at 600 E. Mill Street.

Officers, along with Division of Wildlife Resources and tracking dogs, have been searching the area but have not located the animal at the time of this report.

"We want to keep the public informed of the potential risk in case you choose to use the park," police wrote in a Facebook post.

Anyone else who sees a cougar is advised to call 911 immediately.

The DWR's website gives the following advice for keeping yourself safe in the event of meeting an "aggressive" cougar:

  • Do not run from a cougar. Running will provoke an instinctive prey response and the cougar may pursue you.
  • Make yourself look intimidating. Make eye contact with the cougar, which cougars consider a threat. Make yourself look big by opening your jacket, raising your arms and waving them. Speak loud and firm to the cougar.
  • If you have children, pick them up. Try to pick children up before they panic and run. When you are picking children up, keep eye contact with the cougar and try not to bend over too far or turn your back to the cougar.
  • If you are attacked, fight back! Protect your head and neck, as the neck is the target for the cougar. If the cougar thinks it is not likely to win its fight with you quickly, it will probably give up and leave.