Flight attendant looking to reunite owner with lost stuffed toy cat

Posted at 9:08 PM, Dec 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-24 23:10:04-05

ATLANTA — A flight attendant is looking to reunite two loved ones after half the couple was accidentally left onboard a flight that had just landed in Atlanta.

Fabiola Isabel found a stuffed cat on the Delta flight she was working on Dec. 16. The toy was left on the jet bridge as passengers were disembarking flight DL 1330 from Kansas City, KMSP reports.

Isabel posted photos of the cat on social media, including some in the cockpit with the pilots. So far, Isabel's Facebook post has over 1,200 shares as travelers from around the world attempt to bring together the toy and the child who lost it.

"The doll was well-loved. Someone hugged it and loved it. It was a bit worn, so you know it was well-loved," Isabel said.

Airline officials have joined in the search, reaching out to passengers on the flight.

"I grew up in a military family and I traveled regularly from Japan to Puerto Rico as an unaccompanied minor, and having a little piece of home and having that security when they travel is important for a kid," Isabel said. "Kids aren’t used to that. I think it’s so important to get a piece of home, make that person aware that even though they went on this adventure, it made its way home."

Update: we’re gaining traction and have so many hands on deck to help bring this guy home! Delta Customer Service has...

Posted by Fabiola Isabel on Wednesday, December 16, 2020