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Not-so-fast food? Restaurants with the slowest drive-thrus

Posted at 12:54 PM, Oct 13, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY — Ever wait in line at a restaurant drive-thru and think it would have been quicker just to go inside and order?

You're not alone and you may have been right.

While some of the country's most beloved restaurants are labeled "fast food," they are anything but when it comes to waiting for your order in the drive-thru.

A new study by QSR Magazine, which researches these kinds of things in the food industry, put a spotlight on the chain restaurants with the slowest speeds of service.

Of the restaurants involved in the study, Dunkin' ranked the fastest with an average speed of service at a little over three-and-a-half minutes (3:36). Of course, Dunkin' pretty much only serves you a coffee and doughnut, so that's pretty easy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Chick-fil-A. Yes, their chicken sandwiches, waffle fries and sweet tea are delicious, but you'll wait an average of a whopping five-plus minutes for your order (5:22). The Chick-fil-A time was over 30 seconds longer than McDonald's, its nearest competitor.

Factoring in all restaurants, consumers wait an average of about four-and-a-quarter minutes for their food, which isn't that bad.


Dunkin' - 216.75 seconds
Wendy's - 230.38
Burger King - 235.48
Taco Bell - 240.38
Carl's Jr. - 240.51
KFC - 243.73
Arby's - 253.46
Hardee's - 266.34
McDonald's - 284.05
Chick-fil-A - 322.98