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Teen breaks into Airbnb rented by police officers

Deputy Break-in AirBnB.jpg
Posted at 11:16 AM, Jun 02, 2021

MILWAUKEE — Of all the Airbnb's in all the world, and a teen chose to break into one rented by a bunch of police officers.

(Cue the wacky 80's teen movie music)

A group of sheriff's deputies from Montana had rented out the Milwaukee home while in town for training. When they awoke one morning, they noticed the back door was open and went to investigate.

It didn't take long for them to find a 19-year-old fast asleep in a bed inside the Airbnb.

"This silly guy found the one Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin loaded with cops," one of the deputies says in a video shared on TikTok. "He woke up in handcuffs."

Shockingly, or not, the teen was caught on video saying he wasn't surprised over his current situation.

"This is a first, but I've woken up in random places, though," the boy said.

The deputies called the Milwaukee police who took the teen away to a place he probably found a little less luxurious than the Airbnb.