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Teen daughter turns in family for taking part in DC protests

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Posted at 12:15 PM, Jan 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-17 14:01:18-05

SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass. — An 18-year-old girl outed her own mother, uncle and aunt for taking part in last week's protests at the U.S. Capitol.

Helena Duke posted images to Twitter of her mother, Therese, involved in a skirmish in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 5, the day before the insurrection at the Capitol that left five people dead.

"Hi mom remember the time you told me I shouldn't go to BLM protests bc they could get violent... this you?" tweeted Duke.

In a video on one of her daughter's tweets, Therese Duke could be seen arguing with a law enforcement officer.

Another tweet featured photos of all three of her family members inside at the Capitol along with their names.

"Hi this is the liberal lesbian of the family who has been kicked out multiple times for her views and for going to BLM protests to care what happens to me so."

Because she has little in the way of financial help from her family, Duke has set up a GoFundMe account that has already raised over $40,000.

"At the moment I have no idea how I will be paying for college as I have little financial support. I have a dream of one day becoming a lawyer but I need help to get there. I hope to attend college and then go into the peace corps." she wrote on the donation page.

In an interview with a Boston newspaper, Therese Duke says she has lost her job with a hospital and fears she will never find work again.