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Warning for parents after sewing needles found in Halloween candy

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Posted at 11:17 AM, Nov 01, 2021

FOSTORIA, Ohio — Yet another plea was issued for parents to monitor their children's Halloween candy after multiple tampering incidents were found in an Ohio town.

The Fostoria Police Department shared photos of one incident in which a sewing needed was found inside a KitKat bar given to a child over Halloween weekend.

According to police, an observent child noticed the needle after receiving it while trick or treating Saturday night.

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"We’ve all heard of these types of things happening, but to actually have someone do this in our community is truly disturbing!," wrote the department.

In a later social media post, police referenced that there had been two incidents of Halloween candy tampering involving a sewing needle.

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“Although we only are aware of 2 pieces of candy being involved, we take this seriously and are appalled that anyone would be so demented as to want to hurt children in our community,” wrote Fosteria Police Chief Keith Loreno.

Due to the tampering, a local hospital will now x-ray candy handed out in the town.