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Woman votes topless after being told to remove anti-Trump shirt

Shirts featuring political candidates are not allowed at polling location
Posted at 9:31 AM, Sep 10, 2020

EXETER, N.H. — A woman told she was not allowed to vote while wearing an anti-Trump t-shirt whipped off her clothing and voted topless.

Election officials at the polling location in Exeter (N.H.) told the woman it was against state law to wear a "McCain Hero, Trump Zero" t-shirt while voting in Tuesday's primary.

Town Moderator Paul Scafidi said the unidentified woman pointed out another voter was wearing an anti-Trump shirt, so why was she being singled out, reports.

“She asked why her and not me?” said Scafidi. “I said she was going to have to cover her shirt and (a shirt) supporting the American flag was not electioneering. That’s my opinion, and that was my call as the moderator.”

Instead of continuing the argument, the woman told Scafidi she would simply take off her shirt, despite wearing nothing underneath, and vote topless.

Which she did.

“ one had time to react so the whole place just went, ‘woah,’ and she walked away, and I let her vote." Scafidi said.

Despite the woman breaking the state's indecency law, Scafidi did not call police as he did not want to make the situation worse.

Scafidi says poll workers laughed off the incident and went on with their day.