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Firefighters in Michigan rescue baby raccoon from sewer cover

Posted at 8:43 AM, Jun 11, 2021

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. — Thanks to the help of some firefighters in Michigan, a baby raccoon was rescued after it got its head stuck in a sewer cover.

The Harrison Township Firefighters Local 1737 took to Facebook on Tuesday to relay the heroic story alongside a picture of the animal before the firefighters freed it.

"A good job is in order for platoon 1 today after rescuing this baby raccoon," the Facebook post stated.

Officials said the crew used multiple tools to free the animal.

Lt. Brian Lorkowski of the Harrison Township Fire Department told MLive that they didn't want to use a saw because they didn't want to hurt the animal. Instead, they tried using dish soap, but that didn't work.

Eventually, a neighbor brought over cooking oil, which seemed to do the trick.

Once freed, the animal was taken to Macomb County Animal Control to be checked out for injuries, which there were none.