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How managers can make work more meaningful for employees

Posted at 8:19 PM, Oct 11, 2023

If you've felt unmotivated at work, new research shows you're not alone.

Colorado State University researcher Zach Mercurio recently released a study that shows a big part of job satisfaction is connected to whether or not you feel like you're doing meaningful work.

"There's been surveys that have come out recently that says upwards of 65% of people feel underappreciated and undervalued in their work," Mercurio said.

His team developed six practices supervisors can follow to help establish that feeling among employees:

1. Communicate the work's bigger impact

2. Discuss the team's bigger purpose when hiring

3. Nurture employee's unique strengths

4. Give employees decision-making power over how they do their work

5. Inspire a culture of authenticity and ethical behavior

6. Foster personal connections

"So really developing that personal connection and getting out of this false idea of 'leave your personal stuff at home' because we know that when people feel seen, they feel more committed and engaged," Mercurio said. "And then create opportunities for people to do that with one another."

Follow these guidelines and Mercurio says your employees will be much more likely to stick around.