Millcreek City Council to vote on changing code to allow for digital billboard

Posted at 7:28 PM, Nov 08, 2021

MILLCREEK, Utah — The city council in Millcreek is discussing whether to change city code to allow digital billboards at the new city center.

The city is currently building the new multi-million-dollar Millcreek Common.

While residents are excited about adding a vibrant city center to the young town, many are not on board with proposed digital billboards.

“Part of Millcreek City’s vision is we don’t want to block the beautiful view that we have of the mountains. Why do we need more? I mean, I think digital billboards are going to take away from the aesthetic,” said resident Kathy Blake, who has lived in Millcreek for over 20 years.

She and many other residents fear that the mountain view will soon be obstructed with a giant digital billboard. The original proposal called for three large digital billboards to provide both city event and commercial advertisements.

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Despite digital billboards being banned in Millcreek, the city has already struck a deal with Reagan Advertising.

It now must vote on whether to amend the code.

“It’s great to go down from three to one, but honestly I feel like if you just give one inch on this issue, that Reagan Outdoor Advertising is going to take advantage of it,” Blake said.

The planning commission unanimously recommended the city not move forward with these plans.

“I think citizens would be okay with smaller monument signs which would be to advertise events in the city center, but the proposal has always been in exchange of commercial advertisements. Rather than changing the ordinances to fit the application, we should have applications fit the ordinances,” said Shawn LaMar, Planning Commission Chair with the City of Millcreek.

This proposed sign would be highway scale, and the concern from many is that if they change the ordinance now to allow one sign, it could be changed again in the future.

Blake says if the city goes against the planning commission’s recommendation, the community’s fight isn't over.

“I think a referendum is a possibility, and it’s something citizens should do,” she said.