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Eden middle schooler creates platform through cotton candy making to share good deeds

Posted at 10:05 PM, Sep 16, 2021

EDEN, Utah — As 2020 came to a close, eighth grader Claire Booth knew she needed to do something to make 2021 better. Both of the middle schooler’s parents are E.R. doctors so she truly understood the magnitude of loss during the pandemic.

I have noticed people tend to focus on the bad stories, Claire said.

“I wanted to help people focus on the good things,” she said.

The idea was hatched in the middle of the night, Claire’s mom, Jodi, said with a laugh.

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“2 o’clock in the morning right after we celebrated New Year’s Eve, she said I want to do something. I just feel like people need to know what could is happening in the world,” she said.

Kids often have ideas, Jodi admitted, but something about this was different. Claire, with some help, learned how to make a website. It wasn’t easy, but Claire followed through creating the ‘Cotton Candy Project.’ She is doing online school through Utah Virtual Academy during the pandemic, so she was able to have more flexibility to create the project, she said.

“I wanted to help people focus on the good things," Claire said.

Cotton candy is a staple in the Booth household, something the neighbors enjoy as well. One day while making cotton candy, the name for the website clicked, Cliare said.

“I watched my mom make cotton candy and stuff and she and I realized that it is made from teeny tiny bits of sugar, and they are super little but when they are done it is a big fluff ball,” Claire said.

It proves how even the smallest thing, can become something amazing, she said.

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“If it brings you or someone else happiness, that counts,” she said.

It is amazing to see what Claire has created, Jodi said. Noting she is proud of all her children, and this has inspired her other children to do more acts of service as well.

“I am so proud of her for following through with this and taking the time to put it together,” she said.

Most of Claire’s submissions are from Utah, but she has also received some from around the country. She hopes people will continue to share and submit their stories to help remind people: there is a lot of good out there.

“If you want to do good, it doesn’t have to be something huge even the smallest things can make the biggest difference,” she said.

To share your act of service, or read what others are doing to spread kindness,click here.