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Local woman works in Utah to help support school in Uganda

Posted at 8:08 PM, Jun 06, 2023

A Utah woman is working to give back to those back in her home country by sending money to a school she started in Uganda.

On a regular day, Olivia Sserabila can be found working at a Salt Lake City Walmart.

"I do online shopping for customers, I go and and get the items and pack them," she explained. 

But in her free time, Sserabila helps run the Peace and Hope School in her native Uganda.

"If i send $600, in my country it is around 2.5 million; for me 2.5 million can do a lot, it can pay for the electricity, it can pay for water, it can pay for medical, we can buy food," Sserabila said.

The money also helps provide the students with things they need.

"When you grow up you have personal issues like you want to buy a shoe, you want to buy a book, you want to go to school, you want to go somewhere you need transport," she said.

But Olivia doesn't do it alone. Across the Atlantic, her son, Joseph Matovu, handles the daily school operations.

"We teach them how to sustain themselves," he said. "We train them, some of them, how they can manage their finances and how they can stop what is going on in the country. We have girls that have dropped out from school because they got pregnant and we train them how to do fashion."

In Uganda, giving young women and children the chance to get an education is life changing.

"They don't take them seriously as women; at the end of the day they sell their bodies and get AIDS or other diseases, too, and also misusing like a lot of cocaine and whatever is in the country," said Sserabila.

Olivia hopes her work inspires others to pay it forward long after she's gone.

"Somebody can step up and say somebody did this to me, let me do this to somebody, so helping the situation and helping the country goes on to make a better world," she said.

CLICK HERE to support the Peace and Hope School.