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South Ogden police officer surprises boy with new bike

Posted at 11:47 AM, Aug 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-04 23:25:47-04

SOUTH OGDEN, Utah — A 12-year-old South Ogden boy received the surprise of a lifetime on one of the worst days of his young life, all thanks to a police officer with a kind heart.

Angel Gonzalez and his family were in their home around 1 a.m. Tuesday when they heard a loud bang from outside. Angel, who was up watching television, looked outside and saw two people stealing his bike from the second-floor apartment balcony.

Carlos Ponce, Angel's older brother, said he heard his brother yell, "Hey, that's my bike!," before breaking down and crying as the men ran off.

After calling 911, the family went out on their own to search for the thieves, but were unable to find the suspects. Police also scoured the area and actually identified another bike thief, but not the one who had swiped Angel's bicycle.

Normally, that would be the end of an unfortunate story, but South Ogden Officer Johnson had other plans.

Tuesday afternoon, Ofc. Johnson returned to the apartment with a special gift. But with Angel away at a friend's house, the surprise would have to wait.

Ponce went to get Angel, who believed a police officer was waiting to gather more information about the crime. Instead, Angel walked into the apartment to see Johnson standing in his living room.

Officer Bike

"I felt bad about [this morning], but we'll never be able to get that bike back," Johnson told Angel. "However, I've come into a little bit of money myself and I was wondering what to do with it and your opportunity came up. So instead, we got you this guy here."

Angel stood slack-jawed as Johnson moved aside to reveal the brand new bike he had purchased on his own for the boy. Johnson even added a new lock so the family could avoid the same situation in the future.

Realizing the amazing turn of events from just a few hours earlier, Angel hugged Johnson and the two posed for pictures, smiling in front of the new bicycle.

"Thank you so much, Officer Johnson, it means a lot!," wrote Ponce on Facebook. "It’s nice to know there’s still is good people in this world!"