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Utah teens shovel snow for spring break

Posted at 7:07 PM, Apr 03, 2023

TOOELE, Utah — Spring break looks a little different for a lot of students this year. One group of girls in Tooele decided to make the most of it.

Athena Hudson, Cherrie Linn Hudson and Kourtnie Hudson — sisters and cousins — are spending their spring break shoveling driveways and sidewalks in their neighborhood.

"I think it's a pretty good way to spend our vacation instead of just sitting inside. It's kind of boring inside," Cherrie Linn said.

"They said they wanted to do it and so I was just like, 'OK, I'll do it too,'" Kourtnie added.

Spring break usually means warmer weather and sunny skies. But this year, the snow just keeps coming down. This group of teens thought it would be a good business opportunity.

"We've done it our whole lives since we started walking," Athena said. "I mean, it's pretty simple since we know what to do... We just shovel and get it over with.

They're using their spring break to create some summer fun — they hope to buy season passes to Lagoon.

Plans also changed at the Farmington amusement park due to the late snow. Lagoon pushed back its scheduled opening by two weeks. These 7th, 8th and 9th graders hope by then they'll have earned enough for their admission.

"They wanted to go and I was like, 'Well, better earn the money because that's a lot!'" said Aundrea Hudson, Athena's mom.

Aundrea posted an ad for the girls' shoveling services on Tooele's community Facebook page and says they're already starting to get booked.

"It's depressing when it snows, right?" Aundrea said with a laugh. "But it helps them. It makes them money, it makes them get what they want, which is passes and money for fun things... It works!"

She says it's nice to get them out of the house instead of just playing video games or on their phones like a lot of kids their age.

"Oh, they do that too, let's be honest, they do that too! But they're still out trying, which is the point," she said. "They're good girls — really hard workers."

And when the weather does eventually warm up, the girls say they'll continue to offer up their services for things like walking dogs.