Utah high schools have their first 'Friday night lights' games of the season

Posted at 10:19 PM, Aug 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-13 00:24:28-04

BOUNTIFUL, Utah — Terry Rasch scouted his spot in the Bountiful High School's football field stands early to watch his son play in his first football game ever.

“I'm super excited to be out here and getting back," he said. "Football was always fun to watch, but I'm excited to see my son do something he's never done before.”

With two nephews on the team too, there’s nothing quite like "Friday night lights," he said.

“I think it brings everybody together," said Rasch. "And especially a time like this, as we're still kind of dealing with the pandemic and stuff like that, I mean, you look around, you're going to see a full stadium tonight.”

All over Utah, many high schools' football teams had their first games of the season Friday night. Although it was raining at the start of the games, that wasn’t going to stop dedicated fans, who were just thrilled to be back for "Friday night lights."

Friday's game brought together friends who haven’t seen each other in months.

"Everyone comes back together for the first time," said Bridget Dolar.

"Since summer, like everyone gets together," added Brady Madsen.

It’s out with the Braves and in with the Redhawks; the field and the fans are fully adjusting to their school’s new mascot.

“I think everyone's pretty much embraced it," said Dolar. "It's definitely, like, a hard thing to change, but I think everyone's embraced it a lot."

"It's been nice," said Noelle Wiser. "Like, an awesome new start that we can all like have and just get ready for like a whole new start of everything."