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Crafts for cooped-up kids

Posted at 1:56 PM, Mar 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-12 15:56:42-04

Bus Stop Mama Emily Blodgett says when it comes to bored kids, we typically default to our summer bucket list, but what if your kids are sick or need to stay home? She joined us with a few ideas to keep kids entertained with crafts that won't break the bank.

"My kids were sick a few weeks ago and I found myself scrambling to find anything to keep them entertained which, unfortunately, meant a lot of screen time. I'm not a fan of screen time and realized I needed an emergency preparedness kit for sick days or bored days," says Emily.

Emily says she wanted the things in this kit to be different and something they only play with occasionally so they're more excited - like when you find a lost toy and it's new all over again.

Here's what Emily brought:

SIMPLE crafts and activities with items around your house.
1. Tin can telephone
2. Dry erase markers for coloring on windows
3. Cup stacking
4. Learn a dance together and make a video
5. Blanket fort
6. Take turns reading to each other
7. Play doh kit

If the weather allows, go outside!
1. Sidewalk chalk
2. Bubbles

This is becoming a reality more by the day- how can we stay connected while quarantined from one another?
Connection is ESSENTIAL to our lives and I think this will be the hardest thing for most of us.

1. Find ways to serve
crochet hats or a blanket for someone in a rest home
paint pictures for a neighbor
give them any craft you made
2. Have a neighborhood read-a thon. The kids can take turns reading to each other on video conferencing calls
3. Record your kids teaching a skill (baking, art, music, dance, etc) and share it with their friends.

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