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Messages from the other side: How to know when a loved one is connecting with you

Messages From the Other Side
Posted at 1:14 PM, Nov 02, 2023

Amy Winsett is the author of "Awakening the Healing of Your Soul" and joined Jenny and Morgan in studio to talk about messages from the other side. How do you know a loved one is connecting with you?

Amy says oftentimes it is when you are missing them the most that they are closet to you.

Memories will suddenly pop into your head, or a smell will remind you of them.

Amy says they also communicate with you through the living. She says, "They are here all the time and are never far away. If you sense or feel them, don't overthink their message. Just say hi."

Amy wants you to know that you can also call on them. She says, "It's just a different number now that they are on the other side. Get used to dialing in on them in a new way."

Your loved ones are only as far away from you as you think they are! Hold a space for them to be near you and feel gratitude for the connection.

You can find "Awakening of the Healing of Your Soul" on Amazon and go to to book private readings and online courses and follow her @awakeningwithamywinsett.