Aspen Elementary students read 1.5 million minutes

Posted at 9:45 PM, May 24, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-24 23:45:19-04

OREM, Utah – Students at Aspen Elementary in Orem read 1.5 million minutes this year as part of the Road to Success program.

The students were rewarded on Friday with the chance to break a Guinness World Record for the longest thumb war chain. The 460 kids at the school were joined by almost 500 others in a battle of thumbs.

Principal Brad Davies says he’s proud of the community support and what his students have learned.

“The end result is wonderful. This is great today but just to know that the kids have just been reading so many minutes this year. It’s just great to see that they’ve gotten a love for reading this year,” Davies said.

Unfortunately, the kids ended up missing the world record by 20 people, but organizers said the real victory is that kids have developed a love for reading.