Jordan School District residents to vote on proposed $495 million bond

Posted at 10:16 PM, Oct 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-11 00:17:29-04

WEST JORDAN, Utah -- With the rapid growth and development of homes and businesses within the Jordan School District, district officials said they’ve come to a point where they need a nearly $500 million bond for more schools and renovations.

Residents living within the school district boundaries will have an opportunity to vote on the bond in less than a month.

Take a look inside some schools in the Jordan School District, and you’ll find overcrowded hallways with hardly enough room for students to get from class to class. Outside, there are rows and rows of portable classrooms; the buildings just not big enough for the number of current students. That’s why Jordan School District is proposing a $495 million bond.

If passed, the bond will fund the building of:

  • 8 elementary schools
  • 2 middle schools
  • 1 high school

And the full replacement of:

  • West Jordan Middle School
  • West Jordan Elementary School

Plus a long list of other renovation projects.

Residents who spoke with FOX 13 News said they’re supportive of the bond, despite the tax increase.

“I know that it’s a few dollars and compared to what you would spend normally on education it’s still very low,” resident Kelly Olsen said.

The tax increase would be more than a “few” dollars. District officials said the maximum for a household would be $10 for every $100,000 in home value, which means the tax increase will vary for each family.

Amanda Stump said the cost is worth it.

“Our children are our future, so I guess we have to provide what we can for them,” she said.

Mark Hayes is also a supporter of the bond, having placed lawn signs in his front yard.

“My kids complain about crowded halls in the schools,” he said. My son in junior high, the principal says they can`t even have backpacks in the hallway because it takes up too much room.”

Though Hayes is a supporter, he tells FOX 13 he’s heard from others who say they oppose the bond,

“One person I talked to today said, ‘I’m not gonna vote for the bond because it’ll increase my taxes,’” he said. “’I won’t vote for zoos, I won’t vote for the bond, I won’t vote for anything that raises my taxes because I know when taxes go up they won’t come back down.’”

Voting on the this bond will take place on Nov. 5. For more information on the bond and voting locations, click here.