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Double surprises as the Dream Team helps those who help Utah students

Posted at 2:43 PM, Aug 31, 2021

As kids head back to school, not all of them will have what they need.

Some arrive at school hungry, while others lack basic necessities like shoes, a warm coat, or even deodorant.

That’s where a “Principal’s Pantry” can help.

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Many Utah schools have a room where donations are sorted, held, and distributed to kids in need. At bigger schools, like Copper Hills High School and West Jordan High School, running a "Principal’s Pantry" can be quite an undertaking.

FOX 13 recently learned of the women who run the pantries at those two schools, and we couldn’t wait to help.

The Dream Team went shopping and headed to West Jordan High School where the marching band led an escort to Robyn Luke’s door.

“That is not how I thought I would start my day,” said Luke.

The Dream Team learned from Robyn’s family that she seldom takes time for herself, so she was gifted with a thousand dollars for a weekend stay-cation.

The next stop was at Copper Hills to meet Milonie Taylor, aka “Momma Grizzly,” who runs the pantry at that school.

Taylor also received supplies to help stock her pantry.

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Taylor recently had a fire at her own home, but still found time to assist two students who’d had house fires at their own homes.

The Dream Team gifted Taylor with a thousand dollars to help with her home repairs, which she instantly rebuffed.

“That is too much. Can I give it back and help buy more stuff for the school?”, Taylor said.

“Read the fine print. It said you’re not allowed to use it on anyone but yourself,” said FOX 13s Big Budah.

There are "Principal’s Pantries" at schools all over Utah, though some operate under different names.

If you’d like to donate to one, contact the school or school district first to see what the needs of the students are in your area.

If you know someone who could use a visit from the Dream Team, fill out the nomination form. Tell us the story of the person you are nominating, as it might be told on television, and suggest a gift.

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