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Dream Team helps Sandy bird rescue fly during pandemic

Posted at 4:30 PM, Dec 08, 2020

SANDY, Utah — Denyce Brown has been caring for creatures impacted by the pandemic: tropical birds.

Brown operates Ronie’s For the Love of Birds in Sandy, Utah. Up front, it’s a store that sells supplies for birds, like cages, toys, and feed.

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In the back, Denyce runs a bird rescue. She’s seen an uptick in the number of birds being dropped off since the pandemic began, as many owners are moving to accommodate shifting lifestyles and jobs.

Denyce was in her bird rescue when the Fox 13 Dream Team contacted her by way of Zoom.

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Watch the video to see how Denyce’s surprise played out.

And if you’d like to shop in Denyce’s store and help her to care for birds, check out her website.

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