Hundreds of Utahns chime in on Reddit to share the state's 'unwritten rules'

Posted at 8:04 PM, Feb 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-09 20:03:15-05

SALT LAKE CITY — Reddit users in Utah are sharing what they say people need to know if they're going to live in the Beehive State.

"What are some unwritten rules of Salt Lake City?" asked u/paranoid_andrew on the r/SaltLakeCity subreddit Friday afternoon. "Saw this in r/Portland and found it to be hilarious. What are the SLC rules that everyone knows not to cross?"

While the prompt and the subreddit (a community on the website made up of people with similar interests) were specific to the capital city, many of the responses applied to the state as a whole.

Since being posted Friday afternoon, the question has garnered more than 500 responses. Of those, the most popular received nearly 1,000 upvotes.

"Prep for holiday weekends if you drink," u/SaltLakeCitySlicker advised.

Another user asked if someone could "eli5," which is an abbreviation used on the website for "explain like I'm five."

"You can only get liquor at designated, state-controlled stores. They always have huge lines for big holidays so make sure you’re there before the rush!" one Redditor explained, with another adding: "Plus, they are closed Sunday and on holidays. So, a 3 day weekend is 1 booze day, and 2 dry." Or, in words of another Redditor, "Gotta buy a 5th on the 3rd to get drunk on the 4th."

Another unwritten rule that got hundreds of upvotes: "Don’t go downtown when it’s general conference." Others added to this one, advising against going downtown during Utah Jazz games or during the doTERRA (a multi-level marketing company that sells essential oils) convention. But others had the opposite opinion on what to do during the twice-yearly conference held by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: "Best time to go shopping is during the Mormon conference," and "Conference is a good time to go visit national parks and state parks." For those not familiar, most practicing members of the church either attend the conference in person or watch it from home.

"Beware of the booter in the Parking lot at 613 E 400 S. He sits in a white sedan and will boot you even if you go to the stores in the stripe," one Redditor alleged

Some took the opportunity to poke fun at strange names or spellings of names for Utah children, a topic that has become a popular running joke over the years. "If you’re gonna have kids, make sure that your daughter’s names end in -eigh and your son’s in -en," one person said, with another adding: "-ton for both is allowed, too. Or anything goes as long as you replace all vowels with y or ee."

Others chimed in on the topic of Utah drivers — both in jest and in seriousness.

"Never say the full names of streets," one user added, referring to the grid-system layout of Salt Lake and other cities and towns in Utah. "Drop the zeros. 1300 south is '13th south', 600 south is '6th south.'"

Another response poked fun at the way Utahns dress in the winter.

"Don’t ever admit to being from California. From a Californian," one user added.

Check out the full list of "unwritten rules" below: