Irreverent campaign ad prank on Utah man goes viral

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Posted at 7:40 PM, Nov 16, 2021

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah — A fake political campaign sign placed in a Utah County town as a prank has caught the attention of people in the Beehive State and beyond.

A Reddit user posted a photo Monday in r/SaltLakeCity showing the banner, which could easily be mistaken for a legitimate campaign if not for two things: 1) The "candidate" did not run for mayor of Eagle Mountain in the recent election, and 2) The bragging points listed on the poster were... unusual, to say the least.

The sign said: "Eagle Mountain Needs A BAD-A** WITH A BIG D***!"


That photo was then shared around other social media outlets, including the "Eagle Mountain City Citizens" Facebook group and on the official "Tosh.0" Facebook page.

"I am definitely voting for this dude," wrote Samantha Poulsen, who posted the image in the community group.

"His opponent should ask him to prove it on the debate stage," added Daniel Tosh (or whoever manages social media for the former Comedy Central show).

Most people assumed it was a joke, although some commenters in the Eagle Mountain Facebook group believed it was a real campaign.

Putting an end to any confusion, Brady Heninger himself posted Tuesday afternoon on his Facebook profile that it was a prank by his friends.

"For anyone who has seen the poster of me and running for the mayor of Eagle Mountain, please know it was all a prank pulled on me by some friends. No, I am not running for mayor. 😂," he wrote.

He added that the nickname "Girthquake" was also a joke.

In the actual Eagle Mountain mayoral election, incumbent Tom Westmoreland defeated challenger Melissa Clark by about 200 votes, or 4 percentage points.