Taylor Swift donates $13,000 to 2 moms struggling to make ends meet in pandemic

Taylor Swift
Posted at 11:11 AM, Dec 10, 2020

Taylor Swift is spreading the wealth this holiday season and helping some of those struggling to make ends meet during the coronavirus crisis.

The pop star donated $13,000 to two mothers who’ve fell behind on rent and other bills amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to multiple reports.

NBC News and Billboard report that Swift decided to donate to the struggling mothers’ GoFundMe pages after reading about their situations in an article by The Washington Post.

One of the mothers, Nikki Cornwell, told The Post that she was $4,000 behind on rent and she feared that she’d be evicted right after Christmas. The Nashville-based mom says she lost her factory job in March and came down with COVID-19 in May. She had been receiving $275 a week of unemployment, but that just ended.

According to Cornwell’s fundraising page, Swift donated to her on Wednesday and wrote that she’s brave for sharing her story.

“I'm so sorry for everything you've had to go through this year and wanted to send you this gift, from one Nashville girl to another. Love, Taylor,” wrote Swift with her donation.

The second mother, Shelbie Selewski, lives in Macomb County, Michigan. She told The Post that she was $2,100 behind on rent and utilities after losing her job as a medical receptionist. In order to make ends meet, the mom says she had to sell some of their belongings.

Along with their financial troubles, Selewski told The Post that her new baby was born with a collapse lung, which puts the child at high risk for COVID-19.

Like with Cornwell, Swift donated to Selewski through a crowdsourcing page.

“No one should have to feel the kind of stress that's been put on you. I hope you and your beautiful family have a great holiday season. Love, Taylor,” wrote Swift.