Charges filed against driver in Tooele semi-truck crash that injured 11

Posted at 11:52 AM, Jul 02, 2024

TOOELE, Utah — Nearly eight months after a semi-truck drove into a Tooele dealership, injuring multiple people and damaging more than two dozen cars, charges have been filed against the driver.

In total, nine charges were filed by the Tooele City Attorney's Office against Moab Stapley, 26.

  • Reckless Driving, a class B misdemeanor (Utah Code 41-6a-528)
  • Duty to Operate Vehicle on Right Side of Roadway, an Infraction (Utah Code 41-6a-701(1))
  • Traffic Control Signal Violations, an Infraction (Utah Code 41-6a-305)
  • Drive on the Sidewalk, an Infraction (Utah Code 41-6a-1702)
  • Traffic Control Signal Violations, an Infraction (Utah Code 41-6a-305)
  • Traffic Control Signal Violations, an Infraction (Utah Code 41-6a-305)
  • Crossing Highway Divider, an Infraction (Utah Code 41-6a-712)
  • Fail to Yield Right of Way – Vehicle Turning Left, an Infraction (Utah Code 41-6a-903(1)(a))
  • Bad/No Brakes, an Infraction (Utah Code 41-6a-1623)

Charges come after officials say Stapley was at the wheel when he crashed into a Tooele car dealership on November 3.
The semi-truck hit multiple cars on its way into the dealership and then ignited a fire within the building.

As many as 11 individuals were injured in the incident, including one person who had to be flown via medical helicopter to the hospital in critical condition.

Later, the owner and general manager of the dealership told FOX 13 News that 27 vehicles were damaged in some way.

Dash camera video of the crash shows the semi-truck coming down the street at full speed before slamming into vehicles that were stopped at a light.

Video below shows dash camera footage of the semi-truck crashing into cars at full speed

Tooele truck crash (FULL)

FOX 13 News previously reported that Stapley was interviewed as part of the investigation, where he told police that he hit the brakes and tried several tactics to slow the semi-truck down with no success.

Documents released showed that the majority of the brakes on the semi truck had been deemed inoperative or defective.

In January, Tooele Police announced that after finishing their investigation, they recommended charges be filed against Stapley.

An arraignment appearance for Stapley is scheduled for July 30 at 1:30 p.m.