Local P.I. joins investigation into unsolved murders of Kylen Schulte, Crystal Turner

Posted at 9:20 PM, Oct 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-12 23:27:16-04

MOAB, Utah — A local Utah private investigator is looking into the unsolved murders of a Moab couple who were shot and killed nearly two months ago.

The bodies of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner were found at a campsite in the La Sal Mountains on August 18. They had not been heard from since the 13th.

"We know that both of them were 'No call, no show' [to work] in the early hours at like 5:30, 6 a.m. on the 15th," said Jason Jensen, a private investigator out of Salt Lake City who is assisting the family with the case. "The window that they were murdered was at the very beginning of Saturday the 14th to the early hours of the 15th.”

Jensen is taking some of the information and clues that were shared with Kylen's father over the last month or so. Sean-Paul Schulte had been spending his mornings at a park in Moab accepting clues from community members about the double-homicide investigation.

“He assembled all these great clues, including a suspect list," Jensen said of Sean-Paul's clue booth. “Mainly names, mainly people that had either said something that made them a 'person of interest' or their behavior was odd on that occasion.”

While he visited the location where Kylen and Crystal were found, no evidence had been left behind. Instead, Jensen is turning to the public for information. He's asking anyone with dashcam video from the South Mesa area of between August 12-18 to share it with him.

“The videos out there, we’ve just got to get the right person. Sadly, we’re talking Moab, where you get visitors from across the country and all around the world," said Jensen.

He also hopes to garner enough funds to secure satellite imagery from a private company showing roughly 11 days of who may have been in the area.

LINK: GoFundMe for Schulte family

“What we’re hoping for is that satellite imagery will identify the color of car that was parked next to Kylen and Crystal's camp so we’ve got a color, and hopefully it’s clear enough imagery we might be able to get a sky view and learn what the make and model might be," said Jensen.

The private satellite imagery firm Planet Labs Inc. told FOX 13 they have not yet received a formal inquiry about the imagery.

The Grand County Sheriff's Office is the lead law enforcement agency on this case and is continuing to accept information and tips.

“I honestly believe that the Grand County Sheriff’s Office is doing all that they can, but it takes time," said Jensen.