Police investigating reports of police impersonator stopping drivers in Kearns

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Posted at 3:32 PM, Nov 11, 2021

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah — Unified police detectives are investigating after two reports of someone impersonating a police officer and pulling over drivers in the Kearns area.

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According to Sgt. Melody Cutler with Unified Police, the first known incident happened on Aug. 11 near 5600 West and 4700 South, where a man driving a black Dodge Charger with flashing lights in the grill pulled a woman over.

The victim said the suspect got out of the Charger wearing a police uniform with no city patch or name tag. She said the man asked for her drivers license and registration, and then asked her to get out of the car. After the woman asked to speak to a supervisor, the man left.

Detectives attempted to find out if the man was an officer from a different jurisdiction and discovered that no department in Salt Lake County has black Dodge Chargers.

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The second alleged incident occurred on Oct. 16 when a driver who worked as a bail bondsman called 911 to report that a man in a black Charger with flashing lights and a siren pulled him over near 4450 W. 5700 South. Sgt. Cutler said when the bail bondsman confronted the man in the Charger he drove away.

A short time later, police found the black Dodge Charger based on witness descriptions of the license plate and impounded it. They obtained a search warrant and found flashing lights and a siren which could be activated with a switch inside the car. The car also had a push bar and a "fallen officer" license plate.

Cutler said the man does not have any history as a law enforcement officer.

When they questioned the man, Cutler said his reasoning was that he was pulling over the other man because he was driving recklessly and was going to call the police. He denied any involvement in the other incident.

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Police currently do not have enough evidence to charge the man with impersonating a police officer, but they believe there are several more victims who may have been pulled over by the man. They are asking anyone who may have been pulled over by the suspect to contact them.
"We want people to understand, if you're suspicious of someone for any reason and you believe they may not be a police officer... you have every right to ask for a supervisor. You can even call dispatch," said Sgt. Cutler. "There are multiple things you can do. Ask to see a badge. Ask to see credentials. Any legitimate police officer is going to have all these things."

Anyone who thinks they may have been pulled over by the Black Charger, call the Unified police department at 801-743-7000.