Possible suspect revealed in new documents surrounding Grand Co. murders

Posted at 11:56 AM, Feb 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-23 00:17:24-05

GRAND COUNTY, Utah — Documents released regarding the murders last year of a married couple in Grand County shine new light on a possible suspect.

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The bodies of Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte were found Aug. 18 at a campsite outside Moab. Both had multiple gunshots to their back, sides and chest.

Following the discovery of the bodies, friends told police that Schulte had mentioned "that if something happened to them, they were murdered." Friends said Schulte added that there was a "creepy man" around their camp.

Hours before the bodies were found, a Grand County Sheriff's Deputy made a traffic stop of a car displaying an Ohio license plate. The driver had a Utah license and resided in the Moab area, according to search warrant documents.

FOX 13 News is not identifying the man as he has not officially been named a suspect by authorities.

The deputy said the man "was so unnerving that the veteran law enforcement officer decided not to write the speeding ticket as he did not want to take his eyes off [the man]." The warrant said the deputy felt the man "acted oddly for being pulled over for speeding almost a combination of euphoria and that he had been caught doing something wrong."

People told law enforcement that the man had routinely slept in his car and that one person had asked him to "leave her place of business as he makes unwanted advances towards women and makes them feel uneasy."

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When questioned by officials on Aug. 18, the man reportedly made vague references when asked direct questions, and stared "vacantly at the person talking to him, and answer in non-committal ways." The man admitted to having seen Schulte at the Moonflower Market where he had been hired just days earlier, and "rambled" when asked about his interactions with her.

"[The man] was asked if all the interactions with Kylen were good, [the man] stated that depending on the day the interactions had with other people could be good or bad depending on people's feelings. I asked how would react to being rejected or scorned, [the man] again rambled but essentially stated that he would just experience it,' the documents read.

The man said he had seen Schulte and Turner together in McDonald's where Turner worked.

When asked if he had killed Schulte and Turner, the man said he did not. After officials told the man they were investigating their deaths, "he swallowed but had no other outward sign of nervousness or surprise; he did not shift stance, he looked from the second Investigator to me, his carotid artery did not pulse and his chest did not move quickly."

The man could not give details on his exact whereabouts the night of the murders. He also declined a request to search his car.

Due to the man's behavior and inability to account for his whereabouts, the documents say law enforcement should "explore this avenue of inquiry."