Tales from Lone Peak PD: Jello, cemetery nookie and Mötley Crüe references

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Posted at 12:44 PM, Apr 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-21 14:54:38-04

LONE PEAK, Utah — There is little doubt that there is no such thing as a boring day on patrol for the Lone Peak Police Department.

Nearly every day, the department posts an update on the previous day's dispatches to Facebook, and most never fail to raise an eyebrow thanks to the humorous employees who run the account.

Of course, there's the usual theft reports and animal control issues, but Wednesday's posts seemed as if they were ripped straight from an 80s teen movie.

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First, the update said it was after midnight when Officer McOmie noticed a vehicle parked at Highland Cemetery, which was closed to visitors. The officer made contact with two individuals who told him they were "messing around." The post didn't hold back in wondering what the heck was going on, writing "Okay, that's creepy... in a cemetary?"

The couple was told to move along.

Earlier in the day, the post channeled the infamous gents of Mötley Crüe when it told of Officer Moody investigating students literally smoking (marijuana) in the boys room at Lone Peak High School. The Facebook update even gave a hat tip to the Crüe when it acknowledged jokes would be made at the band's expense.

According to the department, charges were being forwarded on the students.

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Finally, it was time for dessert, and for Wednesday's post, the tasty treat was jello.

According to Lone Peak police, Officer Stecklien was dispatched to investigate a report of juveniles in a vehicle throwing jello... yes, jello... at other vehicles. Thankfully, before things got too messy and sugary, Officer Stecklien ID'd the car and the driver "was spoken with about his actions."

That was a full day on the Lone Peak force. The only thing missing was an appearance by Molly Ringwald and some Members Only jackets.

The officers in Lone Peak are out there protecting lives day in and day out, but it's nice to know that often times there are events that can put a smile on faces.