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Explainer: Why are some Utahns' natural gas bills increasing lately?

Posted at 5:40 PM, Aug 14, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — FOX 13 News has received several emails from viewers asking why they've seen an increase in their gas bills this month, so we took your questions to Dominion Energy to find out why you could be paying more money.

This winter in Utah was four percent colder than normal, and natural gas usage may have been higher for some users.

But those who have seen an increase in their latest bill might be on Dominion's "budget billing plan" — a payment plan that allows customers to pay the same amount each month for natural gas to avoid price changes during season swings. The rates are determined by your historical usage.

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If usage is higher or lower than expected based on your billing history, Dominion adjusts your payment twice a year, in February and August, to keep your account in balance.

"What you want to look for as you're approaching the summertime, you want to make sure that the debit is not too high. And then as you're approaching the wintertime, you want to make sure that you've built up a little bit of credit,” says Jorgan Hofeling, a representative for Dominion Energy. “The billing plan really works by helping you to pay off that debit in the summertime and then helping you to use up some credit in the wintertime."

Customers can see that budget balance pay-off on their bill or call customer care.

If you have difficulty paying your bill, there are options available. You can visit Dominion's website or call their customer care line at 1-800-323-5517.

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