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Cedar City student posts 'Rape Day' threat to social media

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Posted at 1:24 PM, Apr 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-23 15:24:20-04

CEDAR CITY, Utah — A student at Cedar High School posted a threat to social media that claimed he would carry out "rape day" on girls in the area, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Others in the photo posted by the unidentified student on Monday say they are now receiving death threats, while girls at the school say they do not feel safe.

The student's post was in reference to a video claimed to have been seen on TikTok proclaiming April 24 to be "National Rape Day." TikTok says a video does not exist on its site and no evidence of a video has been found.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the caption on the post said, "We’re coming. April 24th. BE ready. You can run. But you can’t hide..."

Officials with Iron County Schools and the Cedar City Police Department posted their own messages to social media Tuesday after being contacted by worried parents. The posts attempted to assure parents that their children were safe.

"Cedar High School administration and Iron County School District are keenly aware of the social media post that was sent by students and are actively addressing the situation according to school policies. There is no viable threat to the safety of our students from this post," read a post to the Iron County Schools Twitter account.

The parent of one boy seen in the photo wrote FOX 13 saying his son, along with seven other students, have had to stay home from school after receiving death threats. The boys allegedly told the 14-year-old who made the post that it was "not cool" and to take it down.

"All this is caught on the security camera at Cedar High School’s Cafeteria. The 7 boys in the picture have nothing to do with this. They were simply eating lunch," the parent wrote.