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Community, University of Utah leaders gather to remember the life of Aaron Lowe

Posted at 8:02 PM, Sep 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-29 23:52:36-04

SALT LAKE CITY — A vigil was held Wednesday evening to remember the life of University of Utah football player Aaron Lowe, who was shot and killed early Sunday morning at a house party in Salt Lake City.

“We should all be grateful for the time we had with him (Aaron),” said Utah Football Head Coach Kyle Whittingham on Wednesday evening. “Such a tragic and seemingly senseless loss.”

Leaders with the University of Utah, community members, students and Lowe's teammates participated in the vigil.

“Aaron, I know you can hear us and I want to say collectively that we love you, I’m truly grateful to have had the privilege to coach you, I’ll always keep you in my mind and my heart forever and I’m very confident Aaron that we will meet again and that we will see you again,” said Whittingham.

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Many took time to remember how loving Lowe was, and how he would do anything for his teammates and family.

“Man, I loved Aaron, still love him,” said Utes Freshman Cornerback Clark Phillips III. “That dude was the hardest worker, most compassionate, loving person that I ever knew.”

“It’s been a weird couple of days without seeing Aaron in the locker room, in the hallway, smiling, cheesin’,” said Freshman Quarterback Ja’Quinden Jackson. “Aaron was a loving person and everything that he did was for his momma, he was a momma’s boy.”

Other speakers encouraged those in attendance to "get 22% better." Lowe wore jersey number 22 in remembrance of his friend and Utes teammate Ty Jordan, who was killed in 2020 of a gunshot wound while at home in Texas.

University of Utah Director of Athletics Mark Harlan also spoke at the vigil, saying he had spent time with Lowe's family over the past several days and said his mother expressed that Lowe loved the University of Utah very much. He encouraged students and community members to watch out for one another and check in with loved ones.

“She told me how much Aaron loved the University of Utah,” said Utah Athletic Director Mark Harlan after spending time with Lowe’s mother Donna this past week. “He made it to the University of Utah which was a dream for him. His last day on earth was (spent) playing a football game in the place he loved with his teammates who he loved greatly.”

The vigil comes as the search for Aaron Lowe's killer continues. Lowe's family has expressed they have forgiven the person who pulled the trigger, but hope they will come forward in order to get justice for Aaron.

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Lowe's girlfriend of two years was also injured in the shooting. She is continuing to recover at the hospital.