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Davis Technical College partnering to help students, alumni get criminal records expunged

Posted at 9:37 PM, Jun 18, 2024

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah — A brand-new, "first-of-its-kind" collaboration is meant to help students handle past criminal records and look into getting them cleared.

"If you knew your criminal record was not going to be a barrier, what industry would you want to work in," asked Noelle Sudbury, the CEO and founder of legal tech company Rasa.

According to Rasa, one in four Utahns have a criminal record which gets in the way of employment opportunities.

"When people have done everything that a court has asked them to do, they deserve to move forward," said Sudbury.

That's why Rasa is partnering with the Davis Technical College by offering a free expungement eligbility screening for current and former students.

The software pulls up all felony and misdemeanor records and whether there's a chance students can get them cleared.

"That may sound funny to some people that somebody wouldn't remember what's on their criminal record, but it's actually really common," explained Sudbury.

If expungement isn't likely, resources will help students narrow down the studies and career path they can still be successful in.

"We want to develop their skills so they have marketable skills in the market that are in-demand and lead to liveable wages," said Davis Technical College President Darin Brush.