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Yum Yum Food Truck owner speaks after being injured in fryer explosion

Posted at 3:02 PM, Dec 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 00:09:46-05

OGDEN, Utah — OGDEN, Utah — Two men were hospitalized after a fryer malfunctioned and exploded in the "World Famous Yum Yum Food Truck” Friday night. The explosion comes almost six months after the food truck was vandalized with hate messages.

Owner and cook Benjamin Pierce said the family business purchased a brand new food truck two weeks ago and had it wrapped Thursday. Pierce said he was eager to show the truck off at the Ogden Christmas Village Friday night.

“We were so excited,” he said. “We should have just waited.”

Pierce was inside the truck with his two sons, Brevin and Bryson, showing Bryson how to turn on the fryer. The explosion sent out a big "boom" — breaking the truck, singeing cups and utensils, and sending the windshield flying.

“The windshield actually flew maybe 20 feet,” said Pierce.

He and Brevin were in the emergency room with burns on their face, arms, hands and bodies because of the explosion.

Bryson was able to escape the flames.

Yum Yum Food Truck is known for its Filipino food and passion for sharing it with the community.

In June, the Food Truck was vandalized with racist, hateful messages. The community raised over four thousand dollars to get the truck renovated and local company Identity Graphx donated a full outside wrap to the Pierce family free of charge for their Food Truck. Utah Jazz star Jordan Clarkson, who is Filipino-American, also stepped in to pay for upgrades to the truck in hopes that the owners would be encouraged to continue to spread their culture in Utah.

“That’s really how we got the new truck, is because people would call us up, ‘Hey, we got an event, would you guys like to come?’” said Pierce.

Now, community members are reaching out to offer encouragement to the family during yet another setback in a difficult year. Despite the difficulties, Pierce and Yum Yum Food Truck are hopeful that they will be back serving their authentic cuisine in Utah soon.

“We’re happy we’re still here. That’s for sure,” said Pierce. “First day, it didn’t really go through our head, but the second, third day — you hug your kids more.”

Pierce said they plan to have the truck investigated, repaired, and hopefully be back to cooking food in January.