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Hispanic family in Weber County receives anonymous angry, racist letter

Posted at 9:16 PM, Jul 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-15 23:16:24-04

HOOPER, Utah — A Hispanic family in rural Weber County became the target of a racist, hate-filled letter. .The family said they no longer feel welcome in their Hooper neighborhood.

“It is too bad your kind has moved into our neighborhood and brought into the dirty, sloppy people you are,” reads the first sentence in the letter.

The anonymous letter showed up in the mailbox of the Morales family this week, laced with racist comments and offensive stereotypes.

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“You know nothing about work.” “Go back to Mexico. That’s where you belong. Adios”

Fernando Morales, his siblings and parents moved to Hooper from Ogden four years ago.

“My mom always dreamed of living in this area because it is nice,” Fernando said.

His mother’s dream was shattered by one hand-written letter.

“I was like, ‘Oh dang. That’s just crazy.’ I didn’t know we had neighbors that felt that way, you know, about us,” Fernando said.

Fernando and his brothers will be the first to admit they’re not the perfect neighbors. Their music gets too loud sometimes and family parties bring in more than 50 guests. However, they said the letter is not okay.

“I think it is pretty sad,” said Hooper Mayor Dale Fowers.

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Mayor Fowers doesn’t condone the letter. The small city in western Weber County is 97 percent white and 7 percent hispanic or latino according to the latest census.

“This idea of just doing something anonymous and not letting them know who wrote the letter and what their concerns were, I think there is a lot better way of doing things,” Mayor Fowers said.

“Honestly, I just would like to talk to them. Like, why do you feel that way? What angers him or her or whoever it is. I would just like to see why,” Fernadno said.

The Morales Family is planning a block party for the neighborhood on Pioneer Day.