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Izzy Tichenor's mom 'furious' with school district response

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Posted at 1:34 PM, Nov 18, 2021
and last updated 2022-02-04 14:36:27-05

NORTH SALT LAKE — The mother of Izzy Tichenor, the 10-year-old North Salt Lake girl who committed suicide after allegedly being bullied in school, says she's "furious" at the response by Davis School District officials.

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Board President John Robison read a statement issued by the district Tuesday, saying there were allegations Tichenor was "racially harassed and discriminated against." But Brittany Ciara, Izzy's mother, took issue with that remark on social media.

"The statement released [Tuesday] attempts to shift the issue from racism to bullying," wrote Ciara, who added that "bullying is a symptom of racism. Those who feel superior or 'chosen' believe they are justified in taking from kids who don’t fit the same molds as most of the others."

Ciara said Izzy didn't fit any mold and that she "laughed and loved life until one day she didn’t," saying that her daughter became anxious about going to school and became withdrawn at home.

"We suspected racism and reported the same. Our concerns were disregarded. The help we requested never came."

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The district's statement claims school officials attempted to help Izzy.

"As for the district and its schools, every incident of harassment and bullying is investigated. There is a process that is followed at the school level and the district level depending on the seriousness of any reported event," the statement said.

However, Ciara disagrees with the district's response.

"The statement made by the District offends us. we do not believe they care more today than two weeks ago when they provided no support to Izzy. When they refused to defend or protect her."

NOTE: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Mr. Robison had acknowledged that Izzy Tichenor was racially harassed and discriminated against. We have updated the article to accurately reflect his statement.