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Married deputies killed in deadly crash mourned at memorial service

Posted at 4:31 PM, Jul 14, 2023

OGDEN, Utah — Dozens of officers, along with family and friends, turned out to pay their final tribute to a husband and wife who worked together in the Davis County Sheriff’s Office before being killed in a tragic motorcycle accident just before the Fourth of July holiday.

Cpl. Steven Lewis had worked more than five years with the department, with Dep. Jennifer Turner joining 2020; but fellow officers said the two made lasting contributions to their community.

"He was larger than life, the fun uncle," said Lewis's niece, Jessie Saeger. "The person I was most excited to see at family events."

The husband and wife were killed tragically just days after their wedding. The service at the Dee Events Center at Weber State University brought shared memories from loved ones.

"Jenn was a sweet small little girl, at least that’s what we thought," said her sister, Tonielyn Jorgensen. "She grew into a very courageous woman."

Jorgensen said she wishes she would have been able to get to know Lewis better, but knew he brought so much joy to her sister’s life.

"After I got to know him I was like really? Who’s really this happy all the time," she recalled to laughter at the service.

As she spoke, Saeger shared some advice her uncle once gave her that showed his love for life and others, and the couple just finding each other and taken too soon.

"The important part is loving people for loving you for who you are," said Turner's niece. "And I love you no matter what."

"Good guys in the world are in short supply as it is, and we wish, probably like the rest of us, that we had more time with them," added Jorgensen.

Following the service, a procession made up of family and members of sheriff’s office led to the burial at the Brigham City Cemetery. Among the procession were officers from multiple other departments who showed their final respects to Steven and Jenn.

Mourners were challenged to remember the couple by living their lives to the fullest, living for others and helping their legacy live on.