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Members of the school district where JJ Vallow briefly attended school visit a growing memorial

Posted at 4:45 PM, Jun 11, 2020

REXBURG, Idaho — Members of JJ Vallow's elementary school in Rexburg, Idaho stopped by the memorial set up for him and his sister Tylee Ryan Thursday.

The growing memorial is outside Chad Daybell's house where their remains were found Tuesday morning.

The digging has stopped, but the memorial has grown.

Daybell's family members are continuing to take furniture out of the house.

And now members of Madison School District are describing the moment they learned the search for JJ and Tylee was over.

"We actually taught a class yesterday, it was really hard to push through that class because my heart was just breaking," said Jessica Goudy. "Breaking for what those children went through, for the family that was willingly wanting to take care of them, so it was heartbreaking and it's still this feeling of sickness."

"JJ was enrolled in one of our elementary schools for about three weeks and Lori just came in and checked him out one day and said she was going to home school him," Rick Croft said. "And no one from the district saw him after that."

Their message now is if you see something -- say something.

The search for the children began with their grandparents in Louisiana.

The Woodcocks asked for a welfare check and then reported the kids missing.

They returned late Wednesday night to see where the search for JJ and Tylee ended.

Members of the school district say even though most of their employees never got to meet this little boy, the story has been just as tough on them as the rest of the community.

"It's that wake up call and that reminder to us that we need to keep our eyes open because we'd like to think every parent is responsible and going to take care of their kids, but this is that reminder -- that's not the case" Goudy said.

The school district advocates for child abuse and neglect prevention and counseling services are available for any of the students or teachers who would like someone to talk to in this difficult time.