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Officials remind public that Bridal Veil Falls trail is closed for their own safety

Posted at 9:19 PM, Jun 26, 2023

PROVO CANYON, Utah — This week’s high temperatures are expected to make the leftover avalanche debris sitting at the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls even more unstable.

The trail’s been closed for months now, but visitors continue to ignore the signs.

“We’ve had some people — intentionally and non-intentionally — go into the river so far,” said North Fork Fire Chief Dave Marsella.

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Marsella said visitors get too close to Bridal Veil Falls and climb on top of the avalanche debris. It may look like a massive pile of snow, but underneath, it’s all hollow.

That’s why Marsella is concerned about this week’s forecasted weather set to hit the high 90s.

“The hotter it gets, the quicker it melts. The thinner it gets and the bigger the problems are going to be in the future,” said Marsella.

That’s why Anthony Wedeking’s family visiting from Kansas chose to check it out from the safety of the upper parking lot.

“It’s crazy to be going up something like that especially since it’s all unstable and obviously slid here recently,” said Wedeking.

Just this weekend across the highway from Bridal Veil Falls, four people were hiking at Lost Creek Falls where there was also an avalanche. Two teens fell 15 feet, suffered back and neck injuries, and needed to be rescued by helicopter.

“They got into a situation they weren’t prepared for, or equipped for, and they needed our assistance,” Marsella said.

These types of rescues are not simple and even just a few minutes in the chilly Provo River could lead to hypothermia.

“Just come out here, follow the signage, and listen to the rules because fast-moving water is very dangerous,” said Fred Wilson, visiting from Indiana.

Marsella said the trail will remain closed for at least a few weeks, possibly more.