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RVs camping on private property concern Salt Lake City restaurant owner

Posted at 4:06 PM, May 31, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY — A concerning trend on wheels continues to show up outside an area near Salt Lake-area businesses, with one restaurant chain claiming they’ve had people living in recreational vehicles outside their store for days.

The owners of the Subway location off Amelia Earhart Drive just west of Salt Lake City International Airport say attempts to get the RVs to move have been unsuccessful.

Several of the vehicles have parked on this private property since Memorial Day, and the restaurant says it’s starting to affect their business as it's allegedly only confusing customers who also worry about their safety.

Sharon Cockayne’s view from the Subway she owns is a slew of RVs looking worse for wear, and she says it has her customers asking questions.

“Almost all of the customers come in and say, ‘What’s going on over here?,'" she said Friday. "It’s difficult because I realize that everybody needs a place to live, and especially with home prices the way they are.”

It's not the first time RVs have shown up outside Cockayne's business. In previous instances, the restaurant has taken action, including calling police.

"[Police] have come out before and they have kind of chased them away, and then they return," Cockayne added.

FOX 13 News asked the Salt Lake City Police Department about the recent RV issue what can be done.

"We have to look at each case on an individual basis," said Det. Michael Ruff.

But police encourage people to start off by calling them when they see something suspicious, and recommend people reach out to the city through their new SLC mobile app.

"It’s a complex issue that involves a lot more than just the police department," said Ruff. "So we continually work with our partners throughout the city, the county, the state to continue to work on that issue."

Cockayne has put in a request for service through the app, which the city has confirmed they received. An officer with the compliance division has since been sent to the area to check out the issue; however, since the RVs are parked on private property, it has been passed onto the civil enforcement division for review.