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Transcript of 911 call leading to arrest of Ruby Franke, Jodi Hildebrandt

Posted at 2:25 PM, Sep 08, 2023

The following is the full transcript from the 911 call placed when Ruby Franke's 12-year-old son escaped his home and asked a neighbor to call police.

911: The address of your emergency? And the phone number you're calling from? Tell me exactly what's happened.

CALLER: I just had a 12-year-old boy show up here at my front door asking for help and he's said, he had just came from a neighbor's house and we know there's been problems at this neighbor's house. He's emaciated. He's got tape around his legs. He's hungry and he's thirsty.

911: OK. Is the, is your door locked?

CALLER: No, I'm sitting outside with him on the, on the front patio.

911: OK.

CALLER: They asked us to call the police. So he's very afraid. He's 12 years old.

911: And can you ask him his date of birth?

CALLER: Can you tell me your birthday?

911: And, is, are the neighbors out of their home or is anybody looking for them that you can see?

CALLER: No, we are homes are far enough away.

CALLER: How did you get out of the house? He says he just left through the porch at the neighbor's house. Her name is Jodi and she lives two doors up the street.

CALLER: Yeah, out of the houses are far apart. So he walked just under a block to get to our house. He rang my doorbell and asked me to call the police.

911: Does he seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

CALLER: I don't think so, but he's very thirsty.

911: And do you need an ambulance?

CALLER: I don't think he needs an ambulance, I'll let the cops decide that. But his ankles are taped up and he won't tell us why.

911: OK

CALLER: He has duct tape around each ankle. Yeah, there's sores around him. I think the good chance he's been, oh, and he has been around his ankles. I mean, his wrist as well.

911: OK

CALLER: This boy has been, I think he's been, he's been detained. He's been, he's obviously covered in wounds.

911: OK. Let's get the paramedics headed over that way.

CALLER: Oh, that's a good idea too.

911: Has he told you where his mom or dad are?

CALLER: Haven't asked him that?


(Caller heard asking if he knows where his mom is)

CALLER: I'm sure that that doesn't matter, son. Do you know where your mom and dad are?

CHILD: Well, actually I don't know where my mom is but I do know where my dad is.

911: He says he knows where his mom is but he doesn't know where his dad is.

CALLER: That's correct.

911: Is his mom home?

CALLER: He just says he doesn't live around here.

(Caller asks child if his mom is around her or if he's seen her lately)

CALLER: He doesn't know where she is right now.

911: Does he know his mom name?

CALLER: What's your mom's name? Ruby Franke? Ruby Franke is his mom's name.

911: How do you spell the last name?

CALLER: F-r-a-n-k-e

911: And does she live in the area?

CALLER: No, I'm not sure where she lives. He's, he's trying to help us, but he's OK.

911: We don't want to stress him out too much. The officers will go over all these questions with him anyway. I just want to stay on the phone with you until we get some help there, OK?

911: Can you ask him if any other children were in the home he came from?

(Caller asks if there are any other kids up at Jodi's house. Caller is heard talking to the child)

911: And they're, they're still at this house that, are they tied up as well?

(Caller asks child if other children are being held and do they have wounds on them as well?)

CALLER: So they're, they're able to walk around the house and everything. He says everything's fine with him. He says he, what's happened to him is his fault.

911: They're coming to you as quick as they can.

CALLER: He's fine, I got him sitting here and my wife, we got him water and giving him something to eat because he's really, he's hungry and he's here in his stocking feet.

CALLER: He escaped.

911: Well, I'm glad that he was able to make it to where he could be safe. They should just be pulling up. Let me know when they're with you.

CALLER: I hear a car but they're not coming on the driveway.


(Caller asks child if Jodi Hildebrandt "is up there right now?" Child answers yes.)

CALLER: Jodi Hildebrandt is up there right now.

911: OK

CALLER: So she may come looking for him here soon but, he's not obviously. Alright, we need the cops here as soon as possible.

911: I'm just asking where he is now.

CALLER: Yeah, she's a, she's a bad lady. We didn't realize how bad.

911: I'm just asking where [officer] is. Sounds like he's making a phone call real quick, to a sergeant. He is going to head up.

CALLER: OK, All right. Well, if we have to take him inside the house we will. We're just sitting outside right now because we have chairs out here and it was convenient.

911: That's OK. If anything, he's sitting out down your driveway and keeping an eye on the house. So if that's where you feel safe, that's where the child feels safe and let's just stay where you're at.

CALLER: Yeah, I think we're doing this.

911: Does he have anything with him?

CALLER: No, he's wearing a long sleeved shirt and shorts and, it's, way too big for him.

911: Can you tell me what color the short and...

CALLER: OK, the ambulance is here.

911: So are they with you?

CALLER: No, they're, they're just not getting out of the truck.

911: OK, I'll go ahead and I'll let you go then you did a great job.

CALLER: OK, thank you.