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Utah Air National Guardswoman asks for help to find stolen military backpack

Posted at 7:54 PM, Jul 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-21 21:54:35-04

SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah woman has served all around the world with the Utah Air National Guard and now she’s asked for some help.

In her travels, Jayme Warner has visited Guam, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Antarctica and Qatar.

On those deployments Warner said they build, inspect and repair military gear for pilots like helmets and oxygen masks.

“We hope they never have to use the stuff we prepare for them but it’s there if they need it,” said Warner.

Since her training in 2017, Warner has taken her Basic Military Training (BMT) pack everywhere she’s gone.

“It’s my everything bag,” said Warner.

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That’s why when it was taken, Warner lost more than just her laptop with all her medical school work, her work I.D.’s and military patches — Warner felt like she lost everything.

“It’s probably not worth that much, but the sentimental value attached to me is priceless,” said Warner.

The bag was stolen Sunday morning while Warner was at church.

Security camera footage from a house across the street from the church showed a red car pull up and two people wearing black step out.

The two walk into the church parking lot and stop at Warner’s car for a few seconds before running back to their car and driving off.

Warner found a her window broken nearly an hour later.

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“There were big chunks of window on my seat and floor, and tiny shards of shattered glass all over there floor,” said Warner.

As Warner waited for police, her laptop pinged it’s location to her phone because whoever stole the computer was trying to log in.

“I drove out there and couldn’t find any cars that matched the one in the security video,” said Warner.

The location was an apartment complex in West Valley City, where Warner and her family put up posters and checked nearby dumpsters.

“People have really stepped up to help out,” said Warner.

West Jordan Police said there has not been an uptick in car theft but advise to not keep valuables in the car, park in a well lit location and always lock your doors.

Any tips can be called in to the West Jordan Police Dispatch at 801-256-2000, or messaged to the Warner family on their Facebook page dedicated to finding the pack.

The Warner’s are offering a $500 reward.