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Utah family mourns loss of 14-year-old killed in tragic accident

Posted at 9:41 PM, Jul 01, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY — It's memories like ice skating and going to the lake with their 14-year-old son Keenan that Rachelle and Bryant Coburn are now holding onto even tighter.

Keenan Conte passed away Friday after he was involved in an accident while working alongside his stepdad, Bryant, in Salt Lake City.

"He was on a building and sat down on a skylight and fell into the building," Bryant recalled.

Keenan was taken to the hospital after the accident, but Bryant and Rachelle said their goodbyes just hours later.

"He suffered, I mean, multiple injuries, but ultimately it was his brain that could not recover," his mom Rachelle said. "Keenan was the glue to our family. If someone was having a bad day, he was there to crack a joke and cheer you up and sing you a song, do a little dance, and he's not there to cheer us up."

Bryant said he and Keenan were just starting to bond over work and Keenan liked the opportunity to gain extra summer money.

"I know work shouldn't be the only thing you connect over with your kids, but it was just another thing that we could start. We started connecting on dirt bike riding and he started riding dirt bikes with me," Bryant said.

Outside of singing, TikTok dancing, and going out on jobs with his stepdad, Keenan also helped out at the family's thrift store and coffee shop.

"He knew how to make all the drinks at the coffee shop. He loved coffee too, so he always made his own and came up with his own concoctions," Rachelle said.

Pup Cups started in April 2023 as a way to support local dog rescues and help dogs get adopted. With Keenan's passing and other factors, the coffee shop is now closing.

"Even if we're not here doing the events and clinics, reach out to the rescues yourselves. See what you can do to help foster," Rachelle said.

Rachelle said Keenan was the loud one who was always happy and positive. Things are a lot quieter with him gone, but the mark he left on his family and the community will never be forgotten.

"Our girls have so many videos. They are so close as siblings, and they have so many videos of them together just laughing and playing and having fun and dancing together," Rachelle said.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Keenan's family.

Pup Cups will remain open until at least Sunday for customers to show support and get their final drinks.