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Utah parents say remote learning presents new challenges

Posted at 5:47 PM, Jan 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-19 19:47:36-05

SALT LAKE CITY — Many students in Utah are back to learning from home as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

Seth Wright's kitchen has turned into the classroom for his son, 11-year old Declyn and daughter, 8-year old Isla. The change has left Wright having to supervise his kids when he gets off of work in the morning.

"From about 9 a.m. to 10:30 or so is their homeroom class, from about 11 to about 12:30 or so, one o’clock is their afternoon class," said Wright.

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"It is not something that I can be like, I’m going to have you do this and then I will come back and check on your work, it is a lot of hands on of wanting to answer questions and help them stay focused," said Wright.

Wright has also been faced with the challenge of having to jump in and help with the school work, when needed.


"I don’t remember how to do 5th grade math very well and I don’t know Spanish and they are both in Spanish."


Many parents with kids in various school districts took to social media this week to express similar frustrations.  However, some parents also spoke about the positives of a week of remote learning  The Granite School District says their two days of remote learning, so far, have gone as well as can be expected.


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"I think we are having good response from parents and families, there are obviously some circumstances that we are trying to mitigate, in terms of parental support with their child," said Ben Horsley, Communications Director with the district.  "We have tried to offset the technological challenges for some of our younger students with paper packets and other resources, as opposed to online or virtual meetings."


The Granite School District is set to be remote through Friday and return to in-person learning on Monday.  FOX 13 asked Horsley if anything has changed with that plan.

Horsley says the reprieve offered by the state only extended four days.  He says right now, they are utilizing those four days this week. He also said that they don't have the ability to request anymore remote days at this time.

Some parents like Wright say the teachers have done a great job of making sure parents know what to do and what to expect.  However, it's has still a challenge.


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"Shifting back to distance learning has been more difficult for me, as a dad," said Wright.

Other school districts are making shifts to remote learning. Within the Davis School District, 19 schools have moved to remote learning.

The Provo City School District says they are returning to in-person instruction on Thursday, according to an update on the district website.  They say some schools may need to continue remote learning if there are not enough employees to cover any absences.