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Utah School Board member angered over Bountiful school display

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Posted at 4:29 PM, Feb 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-23 16:35:47-05

BOUNTIFUL, Utah — A member of the Utah State Board of Education claims a Bountiful elementary school's hallway display features what she calls "controversial ideology."

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Natalie Cline, no stranger to recent controversy herself, shared images from the display at Holbrook Elementary on the Utah Business Revival page on Facebook.

The display features cards, each with an individual letter of the alphabet, and a socially-progressive message.

Some of the messages read:

  • A - Activist (A person who works to bring about social or political change)
  • E - Equity (The quality of being fair)
  • H - Human Rights (A right that every person is entitled to)
  • P - Protest (A public expression of disapproval towards an idea or course of action)
  • W - Woke (Alert to injustice in society, especially racism)

"This display is HIGHLY political and pushes an extremely controversial ideology," wrote Cline.

Cline urged parents to voice their displeasure over the display, telling them to call or write the school.

"Be aware that displays like this are often just the tip of the iceberg. Assert your parental right to know what exactly is being taught in the classroom and online, what programs are being used, and what books are in the classrooms and library that may be pushing controversial sexual, political, social, or religious ideology without your knowledge or consent."

Cline came under fire earlier this year afterposting what many believed were homophobic and racist social media posts about the Utah Pride Center and Black Lives Matter Utah.

In a Facebook post Monday, Cline claimed the principal told a parent that Holbrook's PTA had agreed to remove the display.

A Davis School District spokeperson confirmed Cline's account in a statement to FOX 13.

"The ABCs were displayed as one of many efforts in the school to recognize Black History Month. It was an idea generated by the PTA and supported by the principal. After a concern was raised, the PTA, made up of parents whose students attend the school, consulted with the principal and the decision was made to remove the display," the statement read.

"That being said, Black History Month continues, as do efforts to share the accomplishments of Black Americans who left their mark on our society."

A parent of students at Holbrook told FOX 13 that he knew of no other parents who were upset over the signs and believes most calls to officials came from those outside of the school. In his email, the parent also called out Cline's "bullying and intimidation" tactics.