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Victim in Enoch murder-suicide told friend she was worried, dad was acting 'strange'

Posted at 9:14 AM, Jan 26, 2023

ENOCH, Utah — A newly unsealed search warrant reports that before eight bodies were found in an Enoch home, one of the daughters texted her friend saying she was worried because her dad was acting strange.

Tausha Haight, her five children and her mother, Gail Earl were believed to be shot and killed by Tausha's husband, Michael Haight, in early January.

Officials have been tight-lipped on a timeline for when the murders may have occurred as an investigation is underway.

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However, neighbors told police officers that they had spoken to some of the family members the night before they were found dead, a search warrant states.

"We were also told that one of the daughters texted a friend stating her dad came home, was acting strange, and she was worried," the search warrant continues.

A judge granted permission to take multiple iPhones, including one found on the bedside table of the oldest daughter, Macie.

Another phone was found near Macie's bed and multiple phones and tablets were located in the master bathroom. Police also seized a phone located next to Michael Haight, a search warrant reports.

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"It is probable that these devices will contain evidence as to the timeline of when the homicide took place," documents state. "It is also probable that there will be evidence of domestic violence related crimes."

The first search warrant that was unsealed Tuesday reported that neighbors initially entered the home and discovered the bodies before alerting police.

In that search warrant, cell phones, personal items, a gun and vehicles were all seized by police.