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Visitors to Bryce Canyon N.P. destroying efforts to save sensitive vegetation

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Posted at 5:21 PM, Jun 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-07 19:21:27-04

BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Utah — Visitors to Bryce Canyon National Park are ruining efforts to save sensitive vegetation by tearing up stakes meant to keep people away.

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On Monday, park officials posted photos to Twitter showing the stakes ripped up and tossed on the ground or in bushes.

After conducting surveys, the park's resources division had plans to install fencing around the sensitive areas to help restore the vegetation. The stakes were part of the process and placed along trails.

Bryce Canyon Stakes

However, because of visitors removing the stakes and littering, the surveys will have to be redone, "prolonging this process and greatly increasing the cost," officials wrote.

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The park asks if visitors see people ripping up the stakes, to let someone know, or, if comfortable doing so, letting them know why the stakes were placed.

"The National Park Service constantly strives to improve infrastructure to protect our valued resources and visitors; when people tamper with and disrupt that process, it makes our job much more difficult."